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Are YOU deficient?

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Magnesium deficiency is a serious and widespread health issue that affects a large majority of our population. Almost 80% of Americans are deficient of this critical mineral, and most people have no idea!

Why is this important?

Your body depends on Magnesium! You need access to this "master mineral" every day for optimal health. A lack of Magnesium makes you vulnerable to imbalance and disease, as it is vital for each cell and used in countless bodily functions and processes. Without it, you could experience symptoms ranging from headaches and insomnia to muscle cramping and spasms. Over time, these symptoms can create serious and long lasting health problems.

What should you look for?

Early indications of Magnesium deficiency may include

  • headache

  • fatigue

  • loss of appetite

  • insomnia

  • memory & concentration problems

  • muscle cramps and spasms

  • stiffness and tension

In time, these symptoms can give way to health issues like

  • depression

  • restless leg syndrome

  • poor circulation

  • heart disease

  • arthritis, gout, bone spurs, and other calcification problems

  • chronic fatigue syndrome

  • chronic pain

What causes Magnesium deficiency?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to our modern day Magnesium deficiency.

Mass farming has led to the decline in nutrient rich soil that affects the nutritional content of our produce and livestock. Our drinking water often has additives and contaminants that contribute to hormone and chemical imbalances. Prolonged periods of stress impact the body's ability to relax and carry out daily functions. Eating refined and processed foods negatively effect our energy levels and brain function. Even sweating plays a role in Magnesium deficiency, as it is one of the main essential minerals lost through sweat.

Does Mg12 help with Magnesium deficiency?

Yes! Mg12's topical Magnesium products provide quick and easy ways to get the mineral you need. When applied topically, Magnesium is absorbed at the cellular level where it can be transported through the bloodstream. This allows about 80% of the mineral to be absorbed vs. about 20% when taken orally. Simply spray, rub on, or soak in our transdermal Magnesium products to get your daily dose of the "miracle mineral" - Magnesium!

Mg12's diverse product line allows you to find the best form of targeted relief for your symptoms.

Please note: You may experience these symptoms and not be Magnesium deficient. To confirm whether or not you have a deficiency, please consult a physician.


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