Magnesium isn't just great for people - horses need Magnesium, too! For optimal health for both you and your horse, supplement with topical Magnesium.


Each bundle includes:


  • Mg12's Dead Sea Nourishing Shampoo - Great for soothing skin and cleaning the legs of horses who have skin issues. It may also help keep them from developing cellulitis and other skin irritations. 16oz.
  • Mg12's MagneSoothe Magnesium Oil - Great for spot treating horses with sore backs, as well as for use underneath standing wraps to address swelling form acute injury. 3 oz.
  • Mg12's MagneSport Balm - Every rider needs this for their own body aches and pains. Riding is an intense sport that requires a lot of muscle use and this product can help support muscle recovery and injury. 4oz.


Horse & Rider Bundle

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