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Finding the Right Partner…


Mg12 is all too familiar with the devastating effects of the Opioid Crisis. We have friends and family that have battled with addiction to physician prescribed opioids.

Due to personal connections facing the Opioid crisis, in March of 2019 we partnered with a local rehab community in Lenoir, NC. Bethel Colony of Mercy has made an impact on shaping thousands of men suffering from addiction since 1948. Our Mg12 family has experienced first-hand the importance Bethel can play on a young man’s life.  


The Bond Between Mg12 and Bethel

Bethel Colony of Mercy has helped thousands of men from all walks of life in their recovery from substance abuse. Our family experienced firsthand the role Bethel played in restoring our nephew’s life.


Devin Long, son of Mg12’s COO Susan Long, spent 65 days at Bethel recovering from substance abuse after years of using opioids to treat various bull riding injuries. In May 2018 Devin spent two months at Bethel, a Christian ministry rehab facility, restoring his faith and refocusing his life. Bethel gave Devin and other gentlemen the opportunity to escape addiction free of charge. The transformation Devin underwent while at Bethel has given our family HOPE in fighting the Opioid Crisis and has given Devin and his family restored love and faith.


(Devin is third from the left)


(Devin and his family)

About Bethel

“Bethel Colony of Mercy was founded in 1948 by Mr. and Mrs. James N. Claffee as a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian ministry to men in bondage to alcohol and/or drug addiction. Bethel Colony has offered help to thousands of men from all walks of life. Having received new life in Christ, scores have experienced restored health, renewed minds, redeemed reputations and reunited families.


The purpose of Bethel Colony is best summarized in their slogan, “Victory Through Christ.” God has provided the cross of Jesus Christ as the only true escape from bondage. Bethel Colony seeks to point men to the reality of the indwelling Christ as the present Savior from sin and His provision of the Holy Spirit who transforms men in every area of life.


Through the years, Bethel Colony has been entirely supported by voluntary gifts from former students and their families, churches and other concerned individuals. Confident of the Lord’s provision through His people, Bethel Colony provides its services without charge to the men that come.”                       

bethel colony.jpg

To Learn More About Bethel Colony of Mercy Make Sure to Check Out Their Website Here.

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