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Mg12 Testimonials

Magnesium, often referred to as the Miracle Mineral, works wonders for the body at any age. Applying Magnesium topically can encourage healing, reduce pain, and improve overall health. Check out what these customers have to say about Mg12 - The Power of Magnesium and their experiences using our topical Magnesium products.

Chronic Aches & Pains 

“After a fall that resulted in a ligament and tendon strain in my wrist, I opted out of pain pills and thought to use Mg12 oil and balm. My wrist was extremely swollen, and I was doubtful Mg12 would work but the following morning it was FINE. I couldn't believe it! I could twist and flex my wrist and use my fingers with NO pain. What a great product!”
--- --- ---

“I’ve applied the Mg12 oil to my 15-year-old Jack Russell’s hip and back and she looks really good and I’m also applying it, as well as the balm, to my injured horse’s stifle injury. Great product!

-pam stone
Actress, Comedian 

“I have had extreme knee pain for over 3 years and have been going to a specialist getting injections every 4 to 6 months. I started using Mg12 products as a recommendation and after 2 days I could feel a big difference. After 2 weeks of use, I’m virtually pain free! I love it so much that I now sell it at my salon because I want to help others. Being a hairdresser for 45 years, I wished this was available many years ago. Thank you for creating Mg12!”

- Wanda G.

“Thank you very much for introducing me to these amazing Mg12 products. I have experimented many different muscle relaxation and pain relieving products to alleviate muscle discomfort and unnecessary muscular tension post training and post competition. I cannot emphasize how amazed I am with efficacy of these products. Thank you for introducing me to these miracle products. I continue to use them on a daily basis and I look forward to purchasing them often, so I can have them in hand whenever I need.”

- Claudio Battaglini 
UNC Dept. of Exercise & Sport Science

“For 20 years I have suffered from constant tension headaches. This headache has been accompanied with several other health conditions such as heart palpitations, food allergies, IBS, insomnia, mood swings and depression. I have tried countless medicines and treatments, but magnesium seems to work the best. I started using Mg12 and over three months I have experienced tremendous improvement!!! It’s an incredible product sold by an outstanding company with an owner that cares so much.”

- Lionell S.
FatGuytoTriGuy FB Testimonial pic.png

 “I had a knee replacement and man was it painful. I was in excruciating pain, even with pain meds, so I was recommended to start using Mg12 products. I prayed it would give me at least a little relief but the pain ended up being so minimal. I was SHOCKED. I am thankful for this product and the time you have given me, discussing the products and properties.”

- Catina G.

“I have been using Mg12 products for 2 years. I used to have shingles often and when prescribed medicine never worked, I turned towards magnesium. My shingles, after 4 days of using the soap, dried up and were completely unbothersome. I referenced Mg12 to friends and family with similar conditions and the results were amazing.”

- Diane P.
FatGuytoTriGuy FB Testimonial words2.png

“Mg12 is one of my favorite products for recovery. I discovered the product in 2016 and have been using regularly ever since. My favorite products are their bath salts and MagneSport oil, and they always come with me when I travel for races or otherwise. I use the MagneSport oil after long workouts, or any time that I think my legs need a little help with recovery. It’s the first thing I recommend to people if they mention they’re having muscle soreness. The MagneSport Dead Sea Bath Salts are also a favorite of mine. I use them every time I get a chance to take a bath, and I use them the night before a race to relax and help me sleep.”

“Mg12 products are truly amazing! I have used the bath salts throughout my training, the MagneSport oil before and during my race and then the salts and balm for recovery. I expected to struggle during my 114-mile ride but toward the end of the race I got much stronger! I have been amazed at how well my legs have recovered. I love what these products have done for my training and recovery!”

- Brian Lowman
Ironman Triathlete
- Fiona Martin

Athletes & Coaches

“In my experience as a coach, it’s the person that works the hardest and pays the most attention to detail that tends to have the most luck. Mg12 is a big part of that success. Our athletes realize that recovering as hard as they train will allow them to put in more quality work than their competition. Mg12 is incredibly helpful for Team Mash!”

- Travis Mash
Mash Elite

“As a 38-year-old competitor on American Ninja Warrior & Advanced CrossFit athlete, my body takes quite the beating. I was introduced to Mg12 about a year ago & things have changed dramatically for me. Mg12 helps my fatigue during exercise to help me train longer, but it really comes into play in my recovery. At my age, things tend to breakdown more often than I would like, but like automobile maintenance, you have to visit the shop every once in a while. Mg12 has been my maintenance product & I couldn’t see my performance at this level without it!”

- Naeem
“The Dream”

American Ninja Warrior

“As a competitive CrossFit athlete- I am always pushing myself to that breaking point. Mg12 is AMAZING. It is all natural and provides the muscle relief I need. Not only that, but it soothes the mind which seems to be the hardest muscle to soothe, am I right? I can’t thank Mg12 enough for the impact they’ve had on not just my recovery, but my life!” 

- Hilary Parham
CrossFit AThlete

Performance & Recovery

-Marni Sumbal,
Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition

“Far too many athletes are abusing and excessively relying on pain relieving/anti-inflammatory medications before and after exercise to reduce muscle soreness, aches, and pains. These drugs aren’t without serious side-effects. Instead of popping a pill, consider magnesium oil as a safe, effective, affordable and quick method for pain relief and muscle recovery for athletes. Mg12 products are known to help with muscle contractions, nerve functioning, cardiac activity, bone health and muscle soreness.”

Chiropractors & Therapists

“I have been a Chiropractor and Holistic doctor for 40 years. Magnesium is a master mineral our body often lacks. Lack magnesium can lead to muscle spasms, insomnia and restlessness. Using magnesium oil, like Mg12 products, works well for spasms, headaches, scar healing and serious skin eruptions.
I highly recommend Mg12.”

    -Dr. Clifford Nickel,
Union Cross Chiropractic

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