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Magnesium & Raynaud's Disease

Here at Mg12, we have found a new benefit to our products previously unknown. Mg12 can help relieve the symptoms of Raynaud’s Disease.

What is Raynaud's?

Raynaud’s disease is a non-disabling affliction that usually impairs people’s quality of life through annoying circumstances.  This disease causes certain areas of your body; especially extremities such as fingers and toes, to feel cold and even numb due to low temperatures or stress. This is caused by smaller arteries that supply blood to your digit’s skin begin to overreact to stimulus and narrow to an uncomfortable level. This limits blood flow, in turn causing a numbing effect. 

Raynaud’s disease affects up to 10% of all Americans with many not knowing they have it. Women are more likely than me to have Raynaud’s disease and the disease is more common in colder climates. Typically, with an onset between the ages of 15 and 25. In people without Raynaud’s disease, the circulatory system in the body’s extremities react to conserve heat in cold conditions by expanding the blood vessels, not constricting them.

A cold snap triggers a vasospasm (a contraction of the blood vessels) in the fingers or toes. This contraction causes hypoxia (a type of oxygen deprivation). Due to this, the extremities feel cold to the touch and possibly numb. The affected area will turn white, then blue. Once the area is warmed, the blood can return, but most likely accompanied by a painful throbbing as the blood is pushing through the still partially closed blood vessels.

This process can cause some alarm if the afflicted doesn’t understand the disease. Even with the pain that accompanies this disease, the inability to use your fingers can become quite the hindrance, especially to those who live in colder climates where there is more propensity for Raynaud’s episodes.

Although exact mechanisms behind the disease are unclear, triggers can be as simple as opening a freezer or putting your hands in cold water. For some, stress can even set off an attack without an associated drop in temperature.

A Simple Solution

Alas, there is a new tool in the tool bag to fight Raynaud’s. Dead Sea Transdermal Magnesium Supplements. And it works in such a simplistic way, it is surprising it isn’t more talked about. Magnesium Chloride (the main ingredient in our Mg12 Dead Sea Supplements) is a very strong vasodilator, which widens and relaxes the blood vessels. It’s that simple. The main complication of Raynaud’s disease is the tightening of the blood vessels, and Magnesium incurs the opposite effect. This essentially stops Raynaud’s in its tracks. Also, the best part about our products is that you directly apply it to the areas that are in pain or afflicted. And for the best effect, before encountering the cold, apply Our Mg12 Magnesium Oil or Magnesium Balm to your hands or feet, and then when coming back to warm atmosphere apply again.

In general, Raynaud’s is not a life-threatening disease. But, if symptoms worsen and the blood supply to your fingers or toes is reduced for prolonged periods of time, fingers and toes can become deformed. Also, if oxygen is completely cut off from the area, skin ulcers and gangrenous tissue can occur. Both complications are difficult to treat and, at worst, call for amputation in very few ultra-rare cases.

However, with Mg12’s Dead Sea Magnesium Supplements you can fight back this disease. Nixing the annoyance of Raynaud’s disease from the picture for good.


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