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Reflecting on 2023's Best Testimonials

In Their Words

As we say goodbye to another year and look forward with promise to this new year, we have reflected on how truly grateful we are to be able to provide a product we know has helped so many! We see our hard work is worth it all with every testimonial we receive. In our blogs we typically address the benefits of topical magnesium. In this post, we decided to let those who use our products do the speaking.

Marjorie A. King, PhD, ATC, PT, Physical Therapy Program Director University of Massachusetts Lowell

“I recommend the Mg12 products to the multitude of clients and students that I interface with across the year. The Mg12 products are very effective in decreasing soft tissue pain and discomfort. It eliminates the need to take oral/systemic anti-inflammatories. The ability to locally apply an anti-inflammatory and have it work effectively is a tremendous option! It allows for applying an anti-inflammatory right where the discomfort presents itself rather than putting undue strain on the body, asking the entire system to handle the oral medication for local anti-inflammatories whenever - for early and often application, empowering everyone to take hold of their musculoskeletal health. Clinically I have suggested the use of the Mg12 products to athletes from middle school through to professionals; in general orthopedics to those with low back strains, muscle strains, joint replacement stiffness (especially knees) and of course neck and shoulder stiffness after all the hours and hours of zooming. The Mg12 products are great to use before bed to help the tissue to relax and inflammation to decrease over-night, allowing for a more comfortable awakening each morning. These products are easy to recommend with no concerns of product quality.”

Kimberly Shelton, MD, Greensboro, NC

“I have been using these products personally and prescribing them to my patients over the past 7 years. The results have been outstanding--especially for treatment of musculoskeletal and neuropathic symptoms, but other disorders as well. I highly recommend the Mg 12 products!”

Jonas Cherry, Long Distance Cyclist, NC

“Once I started using the MagneSport products on a routine basis I began noticing my body felt less tired and sore after cycling and weightlifting sessions. My recovery between workouts was increasing which allowed me to train more often. I also educated myself on the additional benefits of Mg12 products and I was blown away. Mg12 has been an import improvement in my general health and wellness; I can’t remember the last time I suffered a muscle cramp or spasm. I use Mg12 products daily which is the key to receiving the most benefits of the products.”

Dr. Shannon Addleman, DC, Unger Chiropractic in Saint Francis, KS

“As a provider, one of my priorities is to halt or hinder the ‘pain cycle’ whether it be acute or chronic. Muscle hypertonicity is a huge factor, as this decreases circulation and can decrease the nervous system’s threshold. Magnehemp has been a remarkable addition to my treatment protocol and for home care to address muscle hypertonicity and thus, decreasing pain, decreasing inflammation and speeding up the healing process. Magnehemp has also been phenomenal for improving the quality of life of my arthritic patients by decreasing their pain/inflammation and increasing their activity level. There are numerous positive aspects to this product and company and I am not one to promote products. However, this one deserves attention and I believe any provider that adds this product to their arsenal will have no regrets. I also feel that with so many CBD products flooding the market, it is our responsibility as providers to make sure our clients have access to trusted and top of the line products.”

If your New Year’s goals include getting back to the gym, our MagneSport line can help you keep those resolutions by easing sore muscles, increasing stamina, and enhancing muscle recovery. If you face the pain of arthritis, our MagneHemp products with topical magnesium and CBD are a powerful combination that reduces inflammation and eases pain targeted right at the site. Stress and sleep issues? MagneCalm and Magnecalm Rest combine magnesium with essential oils and melatonin to ease anxiety and enhance a restful night’s sleep. Need help to determine which Mg12 product is best for you? Reach out - we would be happy to help!


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