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Skin Health Benefits of Magnesium

The benefits of Magnesium are endless. Magnesium is an essential mineral found in the body responsible for energy production and numerous other bodily functions. Magnesium deficiency is a very common occurrence and can affect one’s health.

Your skin is a major organ that can be affected by a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency affects the elasticity and moisture within the skin. This means dryness, discoloration and WRINKLES. Along with these skin aging symptoms, magnesium plays a role in controlling acne and skin allergies/irritations.

Stress Causing Acne

Stress plays a major role in acne and skin breakouts. Using topical magnesium can help reduce stress thus helping control your acne. Magnesium along with essential oils, like lavender, can help regulate stress and keep your skin clear and healthy. Individuals with redness or rosacea can also benefit greatly from magnesium.

Most Common Skin Irritations that Magnesium can help control:




-Eczema & Psoriasis

-Skin Allergies

Skin health & beauty is very important. Magnesium can help make sure your body and skin are healthy, clean & fresh.

Recommended Products:

For skin irritations try Mg12’s Dead Sea Bath Salts, MagneSoothe Magnesium Oil, MagneSoothe Body Balm & MagneSoap.

These products provide a fresh feeling on your skin and include lavender which helps calm and soothe one’s skin.


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