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Mg12 - The Power of Magnesium

Topical Magnesium products provide quick and easy access to the "Master Mineral" your body needs. Looking for all-natural pain relief? You've found it.

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MagneSport is a topical Magnesium solution infused with our proprietary blend of Arnica and Essential Oils. Designed for athletes and active adults, MagneSport works synergistically with the human body to positively affect energy levels and muscle function for peak performance. 


Body Balm

The amazing all-natural ingredients of our MagneSoothe topical magnesium products have therapeutic effects on the body, mind & soul. MagneSoothe products have a balanced ration of Magnesium Chloride + 20 essential minerals. 

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The body’s magnesium levels must be replenished daily. Magnesium, also known as the Master Mineral, is considered by many to be the most critical mineral in the human anatomy. It is involved in over 15,000 cellular functions & 300 enzyme interactions, yet its presence is lacking in today’s typical diet.

Find out what happens when you nourish your body with Magnesium :

“After a fall that resulted in a ligament and tendon strain in my wrist, I opted out of pain pills and thought to use Mg12 oil and balm. My wrist was extremely swollen, and I was doubtful Mg12 would work but the following morning it was FINE. I couldn't believe it! I could twist and flex my wrist and use my fingers with NO pain. What a great product!”

-Pam Stone
Comedian, actress, writer, & equestrienne 

 “Mg12 products are truly amazing! I have used the bath salts throughout my training, the MagneSport oil before and during my race and then the salts and balm for recovery. I expected to struggle during my 114-mile ride but toward the end of the race I got much stronger! I have been amazed at how well my legs have recovered. I love what these products have done for my training and recovery!” 

-Brain lowman
ironman triathlete & Endurance coach


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