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Mg12 - The Power of Magnesium

Did you know - your body needs daily doses of Magnesium to function at its best. Magnesium is essential for the performance of your muscles, nerves, heart, and brain, yet roughly 80% of the population is Magnesium deficient.  

This unchecked deficiency can affect energy, mobility, and mood with symptoms like muscle cramping, tension and stiffness, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and fatigue. Over time, a lack of Magnesium can turn into health problems like restless leg syndrome, arthritis, hormone imbalance, depression, and even stress-related skin conditions.

Topical Magnesium products provide quick, easy, and affordable access to the "Master Mineral" your body needs. Looking for all-natural pain relief? You've found it. Mg12's topical Magnesium line includes salts, oils, balms, and soaps to provide you with multiple options for targeted relief.

Try Mg12 products worry-free - each of our products are backed by a

100% satisfaction guarantee. 

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Mg12 - The Power of Magnesium


"HUGE fan of Mg12! It really does work! As a highly active health & fitness coach & gym owner, my body is under physical stress off and on all day. Not only am I rarely sore when I use Mg12-even after heavy lifting days, I have noticed that the ailments of Plantar Fasciitis and tendinitis have become a thing of the past since using the bath salts! My students are sold on it as well! Amazing product!"

"Fantastic product. I'm a triathlete and started using their products several months ago. I use them before and after workouts and recovery is better and there is less soreness during the workout. I also recently pulled my psoas muscle and used MG 12 as a rehab aide. Really worked!"

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MagneSport is a Magnesium oil based solution infused with our proprietary blend of Arnica and Essential Oils. Designed for athletes and active adults, MagneSport works synergistically with the body to positively affect energy levels and muscle function for optimal performance. 

Magnesport Balm