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Benefits of Topical Melatonin

This month we are excited to introduce our new MagneCalm product line. Although our MagneCalm roll-on has been a best seller for several years, we are reintroducing it with a brand-new look (with our same great formulation!) Our new MagneCalm line has the addition of a new bath salt and lotion. Our new MagneCalm Magnesium Bath Salts are the same high potency magnesium bath salts you have come to expect from Mg12, with the addition of lavender essential oil and chamomile to help bring about relaxation and calm. A rejuvenating bath in our new MagneCalm Magnesium Bath Salts is the perfect way to unwind after a hectic or stressful day.

We are also incredibly excited about our new MagneCalm Rest Lotion with melatonin. This all-natural, soothing, luxurious lotion has all the calming benefits of our high potency magnesium, lavender essential oil, and chamomile like our MagneCalm Roll-on, with the added benefits of melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone commonly used as a natural sleep aid. Studies have shown that melatonin use may reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, while also improving sleep quality and quantity. The addition of melatonin in our MagneCalm Rest lotion aids in peaceful sleep, but the potential benefits go far beyond a good night’s rest!

Studies on the use of topical melatonin have shown a myriad of incredible benefits! It is a powerful antioxidant that acts as a direct scavenger of free radicals caused by stress, and UV radiation. This makes it an important and effective addition to sunscreens to prevent sun damage. Besides the benefit of getting to sleep and staying asleep longer, topical melatonin used at night can help boost antioxidant production to repair skin damage and prevent further damage from occurring. Topical melatonin also plays a role in collagen production and helps to protect skin layers and preserve skin function in aging.

“As the global population continues to age, photo-damage remains a significant cutaneous concern. While use of sunscreens and UV avoidance strategies are essential to mitigate skin cancer risks, the potential to protect the skin and improve the appearance of photo- damage through the use of topical antioxidant support is appealing. The evidence suggests that melatonin deserves consideration for topical use as an anti-aging and skin protective agent. It is shown to be both safe and effective when topically applied.”1

Incredibly, melatonin may play an important role in preventing cancer. Although more studies are needed, melatonin has anti-tumor properties and has shown potential for use in treatment for certain melanomas.

Antioxidant rich melatonin is also known to be anti-inflammatory with wide-ranging benefits. Its antioxidants have been used successfully to treat eye conditions such as retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration. Studies have shown it to aid in halting hair loss when used in shampoos and conditioners. And although more studies are needed, it may increase the production of human growth hormone in men which is an indicator in maintaining strength and muscle mass in aging.

In a world full of stress, our new line of all-natural MagneCalm products brings out the big guns to help give your body what it needs to rejuvenate, rest, and heal - to your health!



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