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Calcium Poisoning??

Did you know that your body can have TOO MUCH Calcium? For years we have often been told we need more Calcium - so much so that we now have Calcium-fortified milk, juice, and cereal, along with the large amounts found in our vitamins and supplements. Has anyone ever told you what happens to your body when you get too much Calcium? Have you ever heard that you need Magnesium just as much as you need Calcium?

A little known fact - Magnesium and Calcium work directly together in many functions. Calcium contracts your muscles, while Magnesium relaxes them. Together they regulate heartbeat, muscle tone and contraction, and nerve conduction.

Magnesium is used to transport Calcium and Potassium ions in and out of cells. It also contributes to the absorption and retention of these important minerals.

The problem - if too much Calcium is consumed without sufficient Magnesium, the excess Calcium isn’t absorbed and can become toxic, causing painful reactions in the body. An overabundance of Calcium, also called hypercalcemia, can negatively affect your brain, kidneys, abdomen, heart, muscles, skeletal system, and neurological system.

  • Your bones can actually weaken, causing bone pain and fractures, which can lead to the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis

  • It can interfere with your brain function and cause headaches, confusion, lethargy, fatigue, and even depression

  • It can affect your heart, causing palpitations, fainting, and Calcium build up which can lead to heart disease

  • If your urine contains too much Calcium, crystals can form in your kidneys that overtime can combine to form kidney stones

  • It can cause your muscles to become tight and stiff, and can lead to cramping, twitching, spasms, and muscle weakness

  • It can cause a build up of Calcium crystals and calcification of the joints, which can lead to problems like gout and arthritis

Are you already experiencing some of these symptoms? Use topical Magnesium.

When applied topically, Magnesium enters the body at the cellular level and is transported through the bloodstream. This allows you to target specific problems areas - areas affected by gout, arthritis, bone spurs, hair loss, etc. - where calcification has occurred. By applying Magnesium to the calcified area, you are facilitating the transportation of Calcium out of cell, which in turn helps break down Calcium deposits.

Topical Magnesium also naturally relaxes your muscular and nervous systems, helping reduce muscle cramping, headaches, and insomnia. When your body has too much Calcium, you can experience muscle tension that affects the way you move, rest, and sleep. Many times you may not even notice this tension held in your shoulders, neck, and jaw. Supplementing with Magnesium facilitates the movement of Calcium concentrations, reducing the amount of tension found in your muscles and joints. This is often why Magnesium is referred to as "Nature's Original Chill Pill," because it actually helps facilitate relaxation in your body.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms - give Mg12 a try! Your body will benefit from experiencing the true healing Power of Magnesium.


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