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Summer Essentials

It’s officially summer! For all of us that love water sports, or just lazing around the lake or beach, this is our time! (Make sure you have your Mg12 “Bugs Be Gone” spray to keep those unwelcome party crashers at bay for your day on the water!)

I take every opportunity to grab a suit and a towel and hit the water. Whether it be a day in the kayak, raft, paddle board, jet ski, or boat, I am ALL IN! The problem is, I’m not 15 anymore even if I still act like it when it comes to the lake or beach. I still want to throw on a ski or wake board or jump in the surf like my body can recover like it did back then. But there is the little thing called reality that hits me full force at times. While I am blissfully paddling my kayak on the sparking water I may feel invincible, but come morning my aching muscles and sore joints remind me my teen years are very far behind me.

Research shows that as we age, we need more magnesium. We may not be able to turn back the clock but we can counteract some of the effects of aging that want to keep us from the activities we love!

To keep my knees and muscles from screaming, I use Mg12 MagneSport spray before a run, hike, or any type of workout. Its magnesium and essential oils prepare muscles for endurance, prevent cramping, enhance energy levels, increase circulation, and help to speed recovery. To keep muscles and joints in top shape and pain free, MageSoothe balm or oils are a great choice. After a hard workout, an activity that I don’t do on a regular basis (like tubing/skiing, etc.), or when my muscles or joints are particularly sore and achy, I take out the “big guns” and use Mg12 MagneHemp Max. It has all the benefits of other Mg12 products with the pain-relieving addition of CBD oil. MagneHemp Max is also great for anyone suffering with arthritis. My 88-year-old mother has seen such a difference that she makes sure she never runs out!

Age can also bring on more frequent sleepless nights. Getting sufficient levels of magnesium can also help in the battle to get a good nights rest. Mg12 MagneCalm roll-on has all the benefits of topical magnesium oil, with the addition of soothing lavender and chamomile which are both clinically proven to enhance relaxation and sleep. Taking a leisurely soak in Mg12 lavender bath salts and finishing up with Mg12 MagneCalm roll-on is a great way to relax and drift off to sleep. To make your bathtub feel like a luxurious spa experience, add Mg12 MagneSpa lavender soap and body scrub.

So get out there this summer and do all the things you love! Just make sure you bring along your Mg12 Summer Essentials to keep you in the game!


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