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Mg12 Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

If you are not one of those people who have their holiday shopping done before Halloween, would rather have dental work than venture into a mall, and don’t want to give a gift that will end up stuffed into a sock drawer never to see the light of day again, this gift guide is for you. If you want to give gifts that will actually make a difference in the lives of those receiving them, gifts not only thoughtful, but useful and helpful, Mg12 has you covered.

The sports nut. The uncle who threw out his back playing flag football on the lawn at Thanksgiving. That family member or friend who finds running a marathon, living at the gym, or biking a quick 50 miles exhilarating, but with workouts come aching muscles. Mg12 MagneSport products will not only help alleviate the pain of sore muscles from a tough workout, but it also works synergistically with the body to positively affect energy levels and muscle function for optimal performance and muscular endurance. Every athlete wants to be at their best for each workout, Mg12 MagneSport helps make that happen. With prices starting at just $10.95, there is some-thing for every budget. Try a gift pack with a balm, oil and bath salt in a travel bag for just $20.95.

You pulled your Great-Aunt June’s name out of the family Christmas gift giving hat and you have no idea what to get for under the required $20-25 limit? We’ve got you covered! You heard her mention her knee ached after her walking group, or her hands get sore while knitting...Mg12 products infuse the body with pain relieving, muscle-cramp ending magnesium! Studies have shown that magnesium deficiency can affect the progression of arthritis and is a major risk factor in its development in the first place. Magnesium works to protect joint cartilage, helps to relieve pain, and eases inflammation, while being safe, effective, and affordable. A bottle of our MagneSoothe Oil for just $10.95, or MagneSoothe balm at $14.95 makes a great gift for anyone on your list suffering with arthritis or chronic pain to have healthier, less painful days ahead! Or go for our gift pack that comes in a zippered clear travel bag and includes a 2oz Balm choice, 3oz Oil, and a 6oz Salt, all for just $20.95!

Have corporate gifts to find or want a small gift for work associates or friends? Why not mix it up from the standard bottle of wine or chocolates! Our MagneSpa line combines all the healing and health-giving benefits of magnesium, while providing all the luxury, calming and pampering of a top spa experience. Our MagneSpa kit (on sale now! Just $19.95, regularly $27.00), includes a 4oz Body Scrub, a 2oz Lotion, and a Bath Bomb of your choice and comes in a translucent drawstring bag. Our MagneSpa Walk in The Woods Men’s pack (on sale now! Just $20.66, regularly $31.00), includes our Walk in The Woods Deodorant, Walk in The Woods Bar Soap, and a Peppermint Shower Bomb and comes in a zippered travel bag. Our individual MagneSpa products: our Body Scrubs, Lotions, Bath Bombs, Soaps, Deodorants, Bath Salts, and Lip Balms make great little gifts on their own as well as fantastic stocking stuffers!

Have someone on your list in chronic pain? There is no greater gift than the prospect of days with less discomfort! Our MagneHemp Max has the same highly effective magnesium, plant botanicals, and essential oils of our other powerful products with the addition of the therapeutic properties of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. Full Spectrum CBD contains multiple cannabinoid compounds and is believed to have the highest potency of CBD products. This powerful all-natural combination helps provide an extra kick to ease aches and pains, fight inflammation, calm cramping muscles and soothe stiff and achy joints. Our MagneHemp Max products give the maximum relief possible in a topical Magnesium & CBD product, while being affordable, starting at just $29.95.

Need a small gift for the kids to give Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa? With gifts in our MagneSpa line under $10, and MANY choices under $20, we have you covered!


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